Hi I'm Jenna


I'm a problem solver by nature and I never shy away from a challenging project. Simple, purposeful designs are always my end goal, and I love to incorporate a fresh perspective in my work. With over ten years of marketing and design experience, I know how to help brands use visual designs to accomplish goals.  

Primary Skills:
Creative Direction  •  Branding  •  Marketing  •  Illustration  •  Layout & Print Design  •  Social Media  •  Wordpress Design

Things I enjoy doing outside of work (in no particular order):

• Buying books faster than I can read them
• Hanging out with my cat, Pippin
• Glass blowing
• Trying to convince Snoop Dogg & Martha Stuart to let me be their other best friend
• Trying new restaurants (and inevitably critiquing their menu design)
• Turning everyday objects into weapons
• Watching 90's sports movies "FOR-EV-EVERRR"
• Buying clothes that aren't black and then exchanging them for the black version one week later

I'm always on the lookout for exciting freelance and collaborative projects, so please contact me if you have an interesting idea or if you just want to share a photo of your cat with me. 
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